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Meet Valentine, The Author and CEO

Author Valentine, president and CEO of Youth Cry for profit(youth whose main objective is to emphasize how important our youth is, magnify the struggles they face while growing up on the streets, and highlight the escape routes towards life and success. Becoming a product of his environment, he has changed his whole perspective on life and how he was choosing to live with it and seeks to help the youth and share his story with the world.


VALENTINES is a real-life survivor of a scene and a world depicted in "Tears of a Gangster". He is someone who is passionate about saving youth from this world he grew up in. He speaks from his heart, from his experience, and his desire to make the world a better place for all. He has risked his life to prevent this kind of violence he been a witness to and continue to speak to youth in an effort to save lives.


"In a world where living is the cost of not being able to trust anyone or anything, could you survive? This is the world that some people fear, and some people have never heard of."


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Cure of violence stop bullying and you will stop violence
Tears of a ganster because even Gangsta cry

One Nation Black Man 
Bronx, NY

July Gang Summit for peace with Bloodz, Cripz, Folk Nation, Vic Lords, Chicago Black P. Stone and  Gangster Disciple's.

Hosted by Band of Brother's ran by Nik & Bloodz, Gangster United ran by Aminra & Cripz, Young United ran by Valentine & the Superior. 

The Superior is & Outlaw 
organization that start working with youth & there families in NYC. Aminra & Nik both team up with Valentine that help open doors in order state. 

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