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Programs for young people

 Often parents who are so caught up in the mere act of providing for their family. They maybe are working two or three jobs in a sincere effort to put food on the table, a roof over their heads, and clothes on their backs. These opened doors in Michigan where they have two houses donate to the Superior to help the community.  One house is for young male and the other for young females providing, job courses, training, and help in court cases. Our main goal is to get them back on their feet and help others.

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The Superior Ones

The Superior is a supporting group organization of males and females working with Mr. Valentin in NYC and beyond to make the differences in our community by encourage people to create their own business as OSHA trainings, home health aides, security, and many others as well with city and government contracts. The superior had opened a chapter in others states by helping families. The superior understands far too well the viciousness of the street and the feeling of terror, desperation, and the hopeless which is currently being experienced by

youth too.


The Superior help directly confront difficulties and time-consuming
problems that affect our youth and families. When people need to find
someone to trust and to seed on them to have faith that there is a
better way and without any doubt there is someone who genuinely cares.An example for the youth, inspire by someone that before had the same situations and struggles, but overcome by the guidance of the Superior. There are others supporting groups who had done a beautiful job as well.


As we grow will keep up the work, thanks for your support.

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